Surprise Birthday Party

What a wild weekend! The madness began on Friday night with a surprise birthday party for yours truely held in Columbus. I give all the credit to Leandra for putting together a great time. Friends and family came all the way from Colorado, California, and Youngstown to be here for my birthday as well as the game on Saturday. You know you have a tight/close group of friends when we are all 27-32 years old still having sleep over party's. I mean 12-15 people stayed at my house on Friday. HAHA it was wild, people everywhere like we were still in college. To top things off on Saturday, the Buckeyes beat Michigan 42-39 to secure a spot for the Title game.
What a weekend and here are some pictures from the party.




Some fun with Michigan!

It was reported that the Michigan Football Coach Lloyd Carr will only be dressing 20 players for the Ohio State game ...the rest of the players will have to dress themselves!

What's the only sign of intelligent life in Ann Arbor? Columbus 187 miles.

How do you get a Michigan Graduate off your front porch? Pay him for the piza.

What did the Michigan grad say to the OSU grad? "Welcome to McDonalds. May I take your order please?"

A young man hired by a supermarket reported for his first day of work. The manager greeted him with a warm handshake and a smile, gave him a broom and said, "Your first job will be to sweep the store." "But, I'm a Michigan graduate," the young man replied indignantly, "I even played football there!" "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that," said the manager. "Here, give me the broom, I better show you how."

A Wolverine football player was almost killed today in a tragic horseback riding accident. He fell from the horse and was nearly trampled to death. Luckily, the manager of the Wal-Mart came out and unplugged the horse just in time.

Why is ice no longer available at Michigan football games? Because the senior who knew the recipe finally graduated.

What are the three longest years of a Michigan football player's life? His freshman year.

Twas the night before game time,> And all round the shoe,> Not a creature was sleeping,> They were screaming Beat Blue.> The banners were hung by the lamp posts with care> In hopes that St.Troy would find Ginn through the> air.> Drunken and crazy and burning their beds,> While visions of kick off danced through their> heads.> When all of the sudden there arose such a clatter,> I sprang from the keg to see what was the matter.> When there in the sky, in a Coupe DeVille sleigh,> Was Woody Hayes decked out in scarlet and gray.> He looked on the crowd that was gathered around,> And said that he heard that a game was in town.> I came here to watch it, and wish you good luck.> Though it's not like you need it, cause Michigan> Sucks! >



The Game of the Century / The Game of the Future

The biggest rival game in all sports and a very special game this year takes place in 2 days. I mean many people are all ready saying this is the game of the CENTURY, which is very hard to argue their point. It is also interesting to try and look at this game from an average college football fans perspective who has no ties with either team or state. Myself and most of my readers have grown up in Ohio and have lived this tradition our entire lives. I mean go ask a homer from Ohio, "What day is your mother-in-laws birthday"? Follow that question with, "What day does Ohio State play Michigan this year? Im a betting man and I would put my money on question number two getting answered right more times than question one. That's just how big the game is every year. This year......well, both teams are undefeated and the winner plays for National Title. It's gonna be CrAzY!!!!!! GO BUCKS!

The game of the future in poker is definitely HORSE. It seems to be getting more and more popular throughout the past few months since the WSOP. At the WSOP this year they had only one HORSE tournament on the schedule, which was a 50k buyin. This was held to spotlight the best all around player in poker, because the game consists of 5 different poker games. Holdem, Omaha hi/lo, Razz, Stud, and Stud 8 or better make up the specific games. Chip Reese went on to win this event this past year by defeating Andy Bloch in the longest heads-up match in the history of the WSOP. The problem I had was that the WSOP had made this an all NL final table not switching to any of the other 4 games. Obviously its done for entertainment purposes, television, and of course....that is what the people want to see. In my opinion, it takes away from the title of HORSE, and also is not fair to the players whom excell more in the other games. Anyhow, rumors have it that this year there will be more HORSE tournaments at the WSOP and I will be looking forward to playing those events.

Full Tilt has been hosting a series of tournaments called, "Full Tilt of Poker Series (FTOPS) ". Yesterday was event 5, none other than the $200 Horse event. There were roughly 700 runners including myself playing for 28k and the unique Full Tilt golden jersey for the winner. I played extremely well making a total of 3 mistakes that I remember during the entire tournament. The biggest mistake came in 7 stud, WOW did I make some bad calls. Here is the hand from what I remember......

1k-2k level

me: Q9 Q I raised, bringin shows a deuce calls my raise.
player a: XX 2

me: Q9 Q8 I bet, he calls.
player a : XX 26

Fifth Street
me: Q9 Q810
player a : XX 262

Ibet, he raises, I think tank knowing im beat and in bad shape. Instead
of laying it down here, I call down missing my gutshot and leaving myself no
choice but to call on the end. Giving away 12k of my stack. HORRID CALLS! He
ends up sh0wing quad deuces, he said he started with 222 6 2. It was so
obvious after the reraise on 5th, thats why this was a major mistake in the

I was able to comeback and put this particular hand behind me. I finished in 5th position overall in the tournament. I was pleased with how I played up until the Final 6. I felt I was playing over aggressive at this point and could have slowed down a bit to move up in the money. Oh well.....just another Horse tourney in the books.
I do want to dedicate this 5th place Horse finish to the Glendon House in Vegas and also Casa de Bodog House. When we spent a month in Vegas this past summer for the WSOP, we would often play the 2 hundo HORSE sit n go's on Full Tilt. We would fill the table with 4 guys from our house (which included any of the following, Myself, Randerz, MarvinGarden, Stubblefield, and Elop) and 4 guys from Bodog House (Ari, Hattrick, Illnugwichee, etc....etc...). This is where I began to find love for Horse. Randers taught me Razz in 5 minutes, and stubblefield would explain his every move in Omaha hi/lo. I picked these games up pretty fast and now its payin off thanks to these donkeys! Appreciate it fellas.

Bye for now,



Tressel OWNZ!

The big spotlight this weekend was on Ohio State and Michigan and their tuneup games for the monster of them all on Saturday (3:30 pm eastern tume). Both teams glided through their games and it now sets up straight chaos here in Columbus for the entire week leading up until the 18th. I have yet to see an opening line on the game. I am expecting the buckeyes to be anywhere from a 3-7 point favorite against Michigan this weekend. I am no handicapping sports professional, but thats my guess. Being a huge fan of Ohio State, I have no worries about Michigan for one reason and one reason only. Tressel OWNZ Michigan!

The big Sunday poker tournaments went as usual with getting my chips in with the best, and very rarely getting them back at the end of the hand. I did cash in the biggest one of them all, poker stars million. This tournament usually has around 6000 runners, a starting stack of 10k, and what seems to be a fast rate of blind increments. I finished around 750, playing a very short stack the entire tourney and never having more than 60k in chips. I played extremely tight, to the point where I was leaving myself in short stack situations very often. I felt fortunate to finish where I did.

I had recently talked about a bad run I was having in the Stars nightly $150, well... fortunate news followed. Poker Stars starting today has made some changes to their tournament schedule, as well as restructured their nightly $150! Booooya! The starting stack has been increased from 1500 to 2000 chips. This may not seem to be a huge difference, but believe me it is! I am confident things will turn around in the next few weeks with this damn tourney.

Till Tuesday,



Sweet Friday!

Well, for most Friday is the end of a long 9-5 week and the beginning of a 2 day vacation. In my situation Friday is cleaning day, and also a 2 day break from poker. I do play occassionally on Friday and Saturday, but only for 1-2 hours tops. Possibly an hour session of cash games or a few singles to kill time.

Last night I watched the Rutgers and Louisville game. Man, what a game it was. Both teams entered the game undefeated with Louisville ranked #3 and Rutgers ranked #16. Obviously Rutgers was the underdog even though they were playing in their home stadium. Before the game started they showed a quick skit with James Gandolfini, aka Tony Soprano, whom is a graduate from Rutgers. Just goes to show how big this game was for both teams and their respected schools. The game lived up to its hype as Rutgers pulled off the unthinkable winning 28-25. One of the best football games I've watched all season and if you missed it they are running it again tonight on ESPN classic.

The last few months of the year should be really busy with exciting events and travelling. Just about everyone that knows anything about Ohio and football knows what is going to happen on November 18th. Oh baby! Them dirty fellas from Michigan coming to see us in Columbus for a true education on how to play football. Turkey day is the following week on the 23rd, with my birthday the next day on Friday the 24th. Doh! 30 shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Than things get really exciting in early December. I may possibly be going down to the Bahamas for a WPT seminar, and/or going to Vegas for the WPT Five Diamond Classic at the Bellagio. Everything is up in the air as of right now for the right reason. My sister is expecting a little boy on December 16th, however like all pregnant ladies she believes it will happen sooner. (Good Luck and Congrats Cara and Alvin!)

As far as poker goes... well, I will probably be talking more about my flaws in the game, than the positive outcomes. For example, I was playing with a guy named HoosierAlum, (Very good all around cash/tourney player. Well respected on the net.) and I saw him chatting about how bad he was in the Poker Stars nightly 150. He goes on to say he has not cashed in that tournament the last 39 times he played it. I begin to ask him to look up my streak. I knew I had a good shot of having his unfortunate and nasty streak beaten. Yes, I was correct. Get this, 0-50 for me in just cashing in this tournament alone. Leaving me roughly -14, 000 net. HAHA. All I really can do is laugh. My best reasoning for my horrific run in the Stars nightly $150.00:

1. The field is sick. After the closure of Party and other major sites the number of entrants has gone from 300-500 to 600-800. Not only that, but the players are all top notch, and now you get all the beasts from Party and Dise which makes it even touger.

2. The structure. I just have not figured it out. It is deceiving in the manner that one may consider themselves short stacked right from the beginning. I think this causes many to gamble early. I also believe that there is not much preflop play which hurts my style.

3. Confidence. Haha, obviously I have zero of this when the tourney window pops up.

I am confident that I will figure this tourney out, if not than it gets chopped at the end of the year. I will keep everyone posted on this lame streak in this particular tournament.

Enjoy your weekend,



My top five this week for the rankings....

Here is pocketfives current top 5 :
4. Phat cat
5. Roothlus

Here is how I voted:
2.Phat Cat
3. Tmay
4. Belowabove
5. Roof

No off topic thoughts today.

Till Next Time,




No not them suckers in Michigan, the real blue. DEMOCRATS! It seems to have been a good election for the Democratic party. The race for the Senate seem to have been won by the Democrats, however a cry baby Republican named Allen seems to think the votes were missed counted in Virginia and wants a recount. This is where I have a problem with the voting system and politicians, why do they concede victory in Montana with a difference of 1000 votes, but in Virginia Mr. Allen crys like a little girl and is 8000 votes behind and delays the inevitable? Get over it Mr. Allen and and give your fair well speech. I mean you see the same thing often times at the end of basketball games, where coach's know they have lost the game barring a true miracle. Quit wasting our TIME! Get over it and accept the loss. GG Mr. Allen!
Also, Rumsfeld is gone and now all we need now is for Bush and Dickie to go hunting together without their glasses. God Bless America!

In more important news, pocketfives.com , for those who aren't familiar, is a online poker forum site with the best online ranking system out there. The site had recently changed their rankings from a opinionated stance to more of a half and half ranking system. Half being current results from the individuals last 3 months of performance, and the other half coming from a Pro Poll. The pro poll is basically the top internet players votes on whom they believe are the top players. Combine them 2, and BAM you have the new rankings system. Of course there are the goods and the bads of the new system. The good, obviously being that of straight results from the specific player. The bad, well, there are some very very good players who are not ranked because of lack of play. Anyhow I will be posting my TOP 5 from my pro poll every Thursday in comparison to the actual rankings. The rankings on p5's gets updated every Wednesday night, I will post about this and compare on Thursday. I am currently ranked in the 40's which IMO is very generous. I havent been playing as much and my stats are not up to par. "That's Poker" !
I hate that line.

Till Next Time,


Last second thought: For all you non-online poker player readers, I tend to use many abbreviations in my writings. This comes from the online poker tables. For example: GG = good game. Some others include the courtesy abbreviations which are: WP = Well played, NC = Nice call, NH = Nice Hand. The vulgar ones that I "rarely" use, but see very often are: You can figure them out yourself. BS, SMD, GFY, etc.


Welcome Everyone and Congrats Kelly!

Well, here we go! I have wanted to create a blog for so long, and what better time to do it than now. I play poker for a living and the ugly part of VARIANCE is hitting me in the face. So I have taken a week break to get this blog going and to start sharing some thoughts. These thoughts will be a variety of different topics. With the biggest portion being poker. Hopefully everyone enjoys them :)

I do want to say congratulations to Kelly Pavlik one of my hometown friends (pictured above) from Youngstown, Ohio. He is a professional boxer in the middleweight division and kicking some serious ass. This past Thursday, Pavlik bettered his record to 29-0, with 26 KO's. He just man handled a fella named Lenord Pierre, fight lasted 4 rounds and was lucky to go that far. Keep an eye on him! He is a sick man. Where you at Taylor???? Go get'em Kelly.

Till tomorrow,