Random Ramblings

So I picked up T.I.'s new album the other day and I must say it is pretty damn good. I gotta believe it will be up for album of the year. There is obviously a handful of hit songs that get played out on the radio, but the entire album is worth a purchase if you dig rap. "Swagga like us" is on the album and I believe is gonna also be on Jay's new one titled 'The Blueprint III', which will be out in early 09'. Looking forward to that one bigtime.

I geuss today was a big day for PS3 owners as well. I'm not totally into gaming, but from what I hear Sony has been working on this project since 05'. It is called Playstation Home. I have googled it and read about it, but I don't seem to grasp exactly what it is. I know each individual will be able to make their own avatar for the Playstation 3 console and than use this avatar to recieve different items on the console. Again, I am not really sure on what this is, I do however know that it is a huge deal for gamers. For more info, try google.

The yankees just spent a quarter of a billion dollars on 2 free agent pitchers in the past 2 days. It is just insane. I can only laugh about it. The Buckeyes hoop team is off to a surprisingly good start. They knocked off #21 Miami and #8 ND (haha stink!), both on the road to get themselves a top 25 ranking. They are very well coached and have a great young team. The Buckeyes football team gets to play a very very angry and pissed off Texas team on January 5th in the Fiesta Bowl. I'd like to say we have a chance, but I wouldn't be surprised to witness another blowout. After all, Texas has reason to blow them out for style points in hopes of a split national title. Grrrrrr college football post season is the worst in all sports.

Arriva Derci (sp?)


I have to FESS up...plus other news.

I quit the diet after 4 days. The diet definitely got the best of me and I realized how important food is in my life. Eating eggs everyday just is not for me. Leandra made it the furthest out of the 4 of us (Mark and Ashlea quit after like 1-2 days), she went a solid 6 days. I looked at it like this, I've been eating much healthier for the past month and since I have lost 10 lbs. Went from 178 to my current weight of 168. Im cool with that. Im gonna still try and eat healthy and practice portion control much better than I have in the past. If anyone out there wants to trim some fat, try that diet. I guarantee you lose a minimum of 5 lbs the first week. It is pretty hardcore and gets the job done in a hurry.

In other news, poker has gotten the best of me the past month. The ups and downs of the game can really torture one's emotional state. It almost puts me in a state of depression, it sucks! Leandra says this happens every 2-4 months and than everything gets back on track. However, with the new little one and playing much less poker it could take 3-6 months or maybe even longer. SIGH FU VARIANCE! All I can do is concentrate and make the best decisions in every spot of each tournament I play.

On a brighter note, the Yankees are really close to signing fatboy CC Sabathia to a 7 year 160 million dollar contract. HAHA, so sickening the kind of money these ball players make. It's so absurd. If you got it, spend it. The Yankees do whatever they can to WIN. That is why I have love for them. I don't think CC is gonna be enough for the Yankees to get over the hump and get back into the post season. They definitely need at least one more top notch starter to go along with CC, Wang, and Chamberlain. I'm hoping they scoop Derek Lowe, if not Burnett will do. I am looking forward to seeing this fat guy take the mound in the new stadium to start the season.


New Diet

Today is day 2 of 14 days that Leandra and I are doing. Its not fun. Here is the goodies that I get to eat in the next 2 weeks.

5 days a week (T, W, F, Sat, Sun)

Meal #1

-4 oz lean beef/ground turkey

-4 egg whites

-1/2 grapefruit

Meal #2

-Protein Shake (not bad)

Meal #3

- 1 can tuna

-1/2 cup fiber oats cereal (Absolutely disgusting and I gag with every bite. Def the worst part)

Meal #4

-Protein Shake

Meal #5

-6 egg whites + 1 yolk

-1.5 cups green veggie

M, Thurs --2 days

Meal #1

-4 oz lean beef

-3 egg whites

Meal #2

-Protein Shake

-1/2 grape fruit

Meal #3

-1 can tuna

-1.5 cup veggies

Meal #4

-Protein Shake or handful of almonds

Meal #5

-Carb up Meal! Choose any of the starchy carbs you would like , with any lean protein and any side. The carb up meal will only work if we deplete our self of carbs the rest of the week besides Mond. and Thurs.

-----------So there you have it. Good Luck to me in the next 2 weeks. Eggs FTW!