Pics from the weekend...OSU game

My parents came down this past weekend for the USC game. My Dad and I decided to go play 18 early Saturday morning before the big game that night. I actually played pretty well, shooting a 42 on the front, and a 47 on the back. I'll take it. My Dad obv beat me as he does everytime we golf. I gotta let him beat me in something I suppose :)

Later that evening my parents watched Rylee and Leandra and I headed down to campus for the game. We stopped at a tailgate lot and downed a few shots of JD and 1 mixed drink before we headed into the game. Thankfully so. Our seats were at the very top, but on the 20 yardline. There was a pole a bit in front of us which blocked our view for about 20 yards wide, but beyond that the seats were great. As far as the game itself, meh, I'm pretty over it and have no desire to write a huge rant about it.

Mommy and Rylee
Incredibly CuteGaga and RyleePrincess


Never Forgetting

It's the day we will never forget. I was student teaching freshman history at Western Reserve High School on 9/11. We quickly got word of what was happening and I put the TV on for all the students to watch. The first plane had all ready hit, however my students and I witnessed the second plane hit on TV. At the time many of my students, as well as myself, were very confused to what was happening. My cooperating teacher came into the classroom to watch what was unfolding, and he instantly said, "my God this has to be terrorism". I will never forget those words he spoke and/or this time in my life. To this day when I look at photographs and pictures of what happened on 9/11 it brings a tear to my eye. The way our country united and came together really makes me put all the negatives behind and makes me proud to be an American. God Bless those who lost lives.


Fun Weekend, No Disappointments Please

First and foremost, I #2 clippered my hair after a poker rage on Saturday. Definitely the shortest my hair has ever been since senior year of high school when I mistakenly let Ryan Philibin cut it. I would say that I look much better with hair than I do right now, but it'll grow back. I feel like in some ways that I shaved off all the bad juju vibes that I've been going threw with poker. New beginnings FTW. If I ever remember, I will post a picture (I need to take one first).
Buckeyes got USC coming in to town on Saturday night. Leandra and I will be in attendance, and I'm looking forward to the game and meeting up with some friends during the pregame festivities. Turk is coming in from Cali and Hanysh will also be tailgating with some of his boys from Youngstown. Anyone else who is going should get a hold of me. Should be a blast. Hopefully, not another let down in a monster game. OSU needs to gain some national respect in a bad way.

Just yesterday I picked up the Blueprint 3 album. Jay-Z pulled an MJ by un-retiring and releasing yet another album. I think it was a good idea on his part due to the last few dud albums that he made. The BP3 was a good excuse to make a final comeback. My professional grading of the album is a B+ / A-. Leaning towards the A- after a few more listens. He collaborates with some of the top names in the business at this time in many of the tracks. Timbaland produced the album and his synthesizing (sp) type beats don't fail anyone once again. Tix go on sale for the tour to the public on Friday. I'm planning on going with a few friends from the poker world in late October at Value City Arena on the OSU campus. Been a while since I've seen any show, so I'm definitely looking forward to it.