Vegas...WSOP / Chine & Stink

Leaving Thursday, probably coming back the following Thursday. Got a Suite at the Rio with Stink (Mike), and Chine got a houselike room at the Venetian with his boss Matt, so things will be good. I also just talked to a long time friend, Chris (marvgardens), and he will also be staying at the Rio. He is the king of the Cadillac margarita and always takes us to this private club at the very top of the Mandalay Bay...good times. I plan on playing a handful of tourneys while I am there. 2-3 Wsop's and as many Venetians as I can. Should be fun as always and I'm sure I will be posting some good pics of the trip soon enough. P O

--My quality of grammar /spelling etc etc has been awful lately...pressed for time with Queen Rylee :)


Saturday Fun Day

Oye Vay! Hot day, allergies in fullllllllll (with 10 l's) affect. Got up at 8a.m. , planned on being done with the entire landscaping by noon. HA...got done at 5p.m. My hands and the entire house still smell like shat. Took Rylee to our new community pool and playground after. By the way its really nice, similar to a mini waterpark. I know this blog isn't well written, but im straight miserable with this snot that runs faster than Usain Bolt, its incredible. Here are some pics... (fyi if you click the photo, it usually gives an enlarged and more clear pic)

Rylee and Leandra....

The Queen...

Perfection imo, try and trim a bush tighter than that, pffffffffft can't do it....

Perfection from a different perspective..

Rylee and Leandra having a good time...

The Queen in her sun hat....


Bad Days

This is actually an online poker friend who drank to much at the Dodgers game (3 days ago). I thought I had a few bad days.


P90X and My Favorite Workout Partner

So Im sure most people have seen the infomercial on P90X "Extreme Home Fitness". Well, I completed the first week and began day 7 of 90 today. The first week consists of 6 workouts and 1 optional day off, the workouts were as follow.
Day 1:Chest and Back - Push and Pull exercises for the most part, with few exercises consisting of using the bands or dumbbells. Workout time_52:50. ---Id rate this as the 3rd hardest day of week 1.
Day 2: Plyometrics - They call it "the Beast". Over 30 explosive jumping exercises. Workout time_58:36. ---Id rate this as the 2nd hardest day of week 1.
Day 3: Shoulders & Arms - More Dumbells and Bands than most of the other workouts. Deltoids, Biceps and Triceps get worked good on this day. Workout time_ 59:53. Id rate this as 4th hardest day of week 1.
Day 4: Yoga X - Good luck! I struggled big time here. Workout time _92:24. Id rate this easily as the toughest day in week 1.
Day 5: Legs and Back - Squats, lunges, and pulling are the basics during this program. Workout time_58:56. Id rate this as the 5th hardest day of week 1.
Day 6: Kenpo -"Law of the fist". Cardio intense workout. You'll learn a highly effective way on how to protect yourself, while getting a good total body workout. Workout time_55:46. I rate this as the easiest day of week 1, only because I enjoyed it.

I definitely think the results will stick if I can stay true to the workout and tone down on my food intake. Today was a great day for the workout because I got to workout with a partner who really knew how to push me from start to finish. Fortunately for everybody reading I got a photo of my beautiful workout partner. Here she is:



Took a long weekend vacation to Seattle to visit Adam, Danielle, and Bananna. Had a great time and Rylee was near perfect throughout the flights. It was great! Here is some photos...The Original Starbucks...