Life Update

It's about 5:30pm today and I just got off the phone with my sister when I noticed 6 new texts from 6 different numbers. I read the texts and they were all real odd, here they are; "Are you wearing my white tank top", "Hi, it's Ashley can we talk", "Hey, only god can judge me", "Mikaela came up for a good nickname for you". I instantly deleted all of them after I read them. I was playing poker and not really thinking about how weird that was. After about 10 minutes, I got 2 more from 2 seperate numbers (not sure if they were repeats from earlier). I googled both of these numbers to find that one came from Nashville, TN and the other from Lewis Center, Oh (Scarey). So I explain to Leandra and tell her Im about to call both numbers and see wtf is up :) Both calls were answered by a young girl that sounded identical to the other, and they both apologized and said it would stop. VERY ODD. I'm obviously starting to think it was some sort of scam or sting operation...lolz. Think about it, seems all so odd.
In order of occurence:
-talking to sister (10 minute convo), in that time I get 6 texts from 6 different numbers and area codes.
-All texts seem odd and in a sense could or seem to be trying to start a "sexting" convo.
-No texts for 10 minutes.
-2 more texts come in at the same time.
-I call both numbers, both times a young girl answered. Sounded very similar to each other.
-Both callers apologized, after I called back and asked to be left alone.

I definitely should have asked more questions. Like, Where did you get my number? etc etc. Maybe it was all just coincidental, wrong numbers at the same time. Right?

March Madness:
-Sidebet with a friend, I had OSU he has Duke. Must win title. I can only lose :( GO WV!
-I can tie for 2nd in the one and only poll I played if: WV loses in title game :) GO WV!


Blogging about a Blog


I should have blogged about this blog much sooner, but with March Madness in 2 days, I figured this would be as good a time as any. Mark Titus is the founder/writer/owner of Club Trill. More or less, Mark is a bench warmer for the buckeyes hoops team who recently had shoulder surgery so he is officially listed as "out for the rest of the season". His blogs are unique and very entertaining, he gives daily encounters about what life is like at the end of the bench. He talks about practices, what its like to be a teammate of the best player in the country, his role on the team, and several other occurences during the season. Be sure to check out his recent blog and the link he provided, he got some airtime behind Thad Matta after the Buckeyes win against Michigan in the BT tourney. It's priceless for sure. He is very, very, very, entertaining and hopefully his blog will continue in the future after he is drafted (lol).

~Good Luck to Mark "the shark" Titus and the Buckeyes against UCSB on Friday~!

Life the last few months have been swell. Taxes got done (F), I won a live WPT tournament in Indy, Rylee is growing and learning amazingly fast, and the best...the weather is changing!
The WPT tourney that I won was a 7card Stud tournament that consisted of 47 entrants. The average age of those entrants was approximately 60 yrs old. That fact led me to believe that I would have a significant edge against this field, even with Stud being these guys best game. After 8 hours or so, it all came down to myself vs the only other young kid in the field (he was 27). After chatting and exchanging online SN's etc, we played a big pot (where he had rolled up 3's to start and I made 2 pair after 4th street). Unfortunately, Staknchips83 (his Pokerstars screename) took down the first big pot and soon after we decided to chop 1st and 2nd. He gave me an extra 400 to cover the taxes and the tourney ended (I got 4800ish and he got 4200ish). Not bad for a few hours of work, let's hope they ship that trophy like they said they would.

I've been so lazy about dl'ing recent pics of Rylee and other nonsense to show. Im trying to get out of this funk and get rededicated to blogging. The weather seems to be changing, hopefully Ill change to.
-Happy Pokering
-Go Buckeyes (I got a sidebet of 5 hundo with a friend, "Must win Title", I got Bucks, he got Dookie Blue Devils)
-Good luck to everyone and their bracket mess.