Day 5 "Trim the Fat"

I really F'd that up yesterday as far as the diet goes. From the legendary Jimmy Valvano..."Don't give up, Don't ever give up"...thats what im gonna follow after a bad eating day. Im gonna do P90x today and hopefully walk 3 miles in the evening with Rylee and Leandra in hopes to make up for a really bad day yesterday. Leandra wanted to go to the Ohio State Fair tonight, I had to say "No".

Weigh in: 177 lbs
Weekly Total: 7295 (Starting from Monday)

Today: Cup of coffee (105)


Day 4 "Trim the Fat"

Weekly total: 4750

A.M. weigh in: 177 lbs

Cup of coffee: (105)

1:00---Lunch, sandwich same as last 2 days (240)

Goin to The Outback tonight, so who knows how ugly that could get. Self control ONE TIME!

I lost. Had some sort of chicken pasta which wasnt all that bad lool (800 calories) and an estimated half order of cheese fries LOOOL (1400), I did however just drank water.


Daily total: 2545 F&%K!


Day 3: "Trim the Fat"

Weekly Total: 2885

8 a.m. weigh in : 176.5

8:10a.m. Cup of coffee (105)

8:30 a.m.---2 eggs (egg beaters) - (60)
2 pieces of light white toast (70)
Another cup of coffee :( (105)

Daily total: 390

11-12:00-- P90X -Shoulders and Arms (The easiest of all imo).

1:30----Turkey and swiss with lettuce/onion/light mayo on light white bread (240 calories is rough estimate from calorie king...bread is 35 per slice, turkey is like 45, cheese is 106 ish)
----celery and light ranch (145)

Daily Total: 775

F me! Total breakdown. Had a chocolate chunk cookie from caribou coffee (440) and a cup of coffee (105)

Daily total: 1320

Im about done eating for the day besides a rice bowl for dinner and its only 3:20 in the afternoon. SHAT!

Dinner: Salad (Turkey, cheese, little bread crumbs, etc) ---(250)

Late night snack: Popcorn (130)
Bowl of cheerios (165)

Daily total: 1865


Day 2 "Trim the Fat"

July 28th....

Weekly Total: 1390 Calorie intake

8 a.m. - -- Weigh in --178lbs

8:45a.m. ---breakfast: Cheerios (165)
Coffee (105)

12-1:30 : p90x (Plyometrics...makes you sweat like a fat kid..oh wait I am fat).

1:30----Turkey and swiss with lettuce/onion/light mayo on light white bread (240 calories is rough estimate from calorie king...bread is 35 per slice, turkey is like 45, cheese is 106 ish)

daily total: 510

2:20----celery and light ranch (145)

6:00----fish (200)
corn on cob (60)
8:00----Melt down #1 of "Trim the Fat".....Nutri Grain Bar (130)
Large Arizona Green Tea (210)

Daily total: 1255

9:35 Fruit salad (240)

Total: 1495


Day 1: "Trim the Fat"

Shooting to stay under 2000 calories per day:

July 27th

7:30 1 cup of coffee (30)
1 banana - (105)

9:30 daily weigh in --180.5 lbs

11:00-12:20----P90x (Chest and Back)

2:00 pm---Lunch

6" sub from Subway --- (342)
Veggie chips (yuck) --- (50)
Powerade (Bad choice)---(125)

Daily total so far : 652

6:32 pm ---Dinner

4 oz Grilled Chicken Breast --- (120)
2/3 cup green beans ----(50)
Baked potato / w butter -----(268)

Daily total: 1090

8pm ---Starbucks coffee - (105)

9 pm--- cheerios/milk (195)

The Devastation of What is Real.

So the Philly's had their annual summer bash this past Saturday and it was fun and entertaining as usual. Lots of food, drinks, socializing, cornhole, wive's attitudes, kids, and the guys acting like we are 18 again. I mean these are the same clowns that I have been friends with my entire life. So obv we just pick up where we leave off....and thats usually around our younger years.

The party always consists of a cornhole tournament. They pick teams out of a hat and this year looked to be my year to scoop up the title. I got Joey Hudak as my partner and he is know to be one of the best players there. Unfortunately we end up taking 2nd, losing to Danielle's Uncle and his partner both times we played. Danielle's Uncle straight hustled us hardcore. He is a little Italian guy who might have been the best cornhole player I ever saw. No offence to his partner, but I think the Uncle coulda beat us by himself. Little did he know, he just hustled a hustler.

Now, the devastation of what is real. As I was catching up with Zoc and Shina about life, Zoc looked at me with a straight face and told me that he has never seen my belly so large! I asked Shina if this was true. Sadly with an embarrassing look, Shina confirmed it. This leaves me with one option starting today......Operation "Trim the Fat". This is gonna consist of: counting calories and working out. I got 2 weeks till Rylee's birthday to see some results. Sigh...lets do it. Im gonna track and post the following: everything I eat, workouts, and current weight on this blog. Wish me luck.


Summer Time

Hit the golf course up for the first time in 2009. Shot a 93 (44/49). Golf is such an interesting sport. I find that the less I play, the better I score. Perhaps I think about it too much when I play on a regular basis. Ehh who knows, hats off to Tiger. He won another tournament yesterday. Shocking I know.
My motivation to write has gone to shit. It may be a while before I blog again. I think I am on a bit of a downer right now. Maybe because the WSOP Main Event is going on and I'm not there, or maybe because Leandra is going to Dallas for a week, or maybe just a midlife crisis. WTFK's. Ahh wellz....Rylee's first birthday is coming soon! That should be a blast. I'll have plenty of photos from the party. Till than...live well.