Staying in Shape (Or at least maintaining)

Where has the time gone since my last post. Sheesh. I try and keep up at least once a week, but damn time is just cruising by.
Anyhow, last week I started back at the gym for the first time since Rylee was born (approx. 5 weeks). I went Monday-Thursday and did both weights and cardio through out the 4 days. My sister-in-law came into town on Thursday and I didn't make it to the gym Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. So the easiest way out is to blame her. I also ate like a complete pig over the weekend and it showed this morning when I weighed myself at the gym. I usually tip the scale at any where between 170-172....this morning 178! Fack! Here is the thing about staying in shape. Once you let yourself go, it is that much harder to get back to where things were. Kind of like not cutting your grass for a month, or letting your puppy pee and poo in the house for a month, not keeping up makes it that much harder. Very similar to staying in shape. With that being said, I am really gonna try and shed off these 8 unwanted lbs in the next few weeks. Eating healthy and consistency at the gym is key. I'll keep ya posted on that issue.



Leandra turned 30 today to. BAHAHHAAH. Bye bye 20's! Be sure to send her a text about getting old! I told her the important thing is to act like you are still 18, it works for me!



Its been a while

I didn't realize how long it has been since my last piece. Time really does fly after you have a baby. Rylee is now 5 weeks young! Everything has been going great with her and I couldn't be more happy. Fatherhood is a good time.

So this past Sunday hurricane Ike decided to venture north to Columbus and brought some serious wind. This wind caused our electricity to be out from Sunday night till Monday evening. Probably a total of 20+ hours without electricity. Though it doesn't seem that long, it felt like forever and also put the end to all our food in our refrigerator and freezer. Also, as most know Sunday is the single most BEST day of the week for poker. This became interesting last Sunday as I was playing about 5 tournaments when the electricity went poof. The good thing is that I was on my laptop and I still had the battery life of 2 hours left. This gave me time to explore whatever options I had after my 2 hours were up. After thinking about my options, there was really only one option and that was to use the power from the Cadillac (brag about having a Cadi) and sit in my garage and play there. So thats what I did. Unfortunately the outcomes of those tournaments basically sucked and may have been caused by frustration and the fact that it was about 110 degrees in my garage. For what its worth I also ate my dinner in my car while playing in the scorching hot garage. It was also pretty funny that we had booked a hotel Monday morning in Columbus after we found out that it could be up to 5 days with no power. Obviously Monday afternoon we packed everything up for us and the baby (which was like going on vacation for 2 weeks) and as we were loading the car the power came back on. Normally I would be like "WTF", but under these circumstances Leandra and I just chuckled and were happy as can be that we didn't have to go any where. Such adventurisms <--new word. Don't ever ever underestimate the importance of LIGHT!

As far as the pokah goes...well I recently finished up a interview with Cardplayer magazine. I did a 2 page interview with them that will be in the upcoming issue in October. They basically had me find 3-4 important hands from the Stars Million that I won and breakdown those hands in a q/a type format. It should be pretty cool to read when it comes out. Ill be sure to let everyone know the exact issue it'll be in. I feel pretty "Hollywoodlike" now. HAHA. I also did an interview for pocketfives.com podcast which will probably be out later this week or next week. That was fun as always. The last time I did a podcast with them was 2006. Man how time flys. I basically had no idea what questions they were going to ask, so I basically had to wing it off the top of my head. They asked questions about the Sunday Million win along with questions about the contraversial issue of multiaccounting in online poker (which is cheating). Id love to go more in depth about that issue, but I don't feel like writing 3 pages of rant. Anyhow I will post a link once that podcast comes out.

The Buckeyes........sigh......lets get back on track this week gentlemen. Tressel says Prior will be getting more snaps. THANKS JT...How about ALLL of the snaps. Whoop them boys from Troy!