Once a month

Seems to be my pattern when it comes to blogging. With the winter being pretty harsh, one would think being stuck indoors would inspire me to write more. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case. I have definitely been the busiest guy with nothing to do as of late. The super bowl, poker, shoveling the driveway, Rylee, etc etc...tough life I know.
I did win a major online tournament this past Sunday, well not completely a win, but close enough. Ultimatebet's version of a major is a $215 buy-in. Being that it was super bowl Sunday, the fields were a bit lighter on entrants. I wouldn't say they are softer, but definitely lighter. The majority of pro's and reg's still played on Sunday, however the occasional players most likely elected to watch the game instead of playing poker. Anyhow, I figured I would play a very few tournaments while the game was on. Five total tournaments to be exact. Normally it would be at least ten on a typical Sunday. I knew my attention would be focused more on the game than on poker. So I decided to save some money and buy-in to the UB 200k guaranteed using my player points. The tournament started at 4pm and before you know it midnight struck. The Saints were Champions and I was busy chopping that tournament for 36k. It was a much needed victory (they all are much needed) and definitely relieves some pressure for the rest of the year. I was looking forward to posting my poker goals for 2010, however it looks like those goals are going to need some changes now :)