Issue 3

Earlier this month Issue 3 was passed with about 53% voting yes. This means that in 4 major cities across Ohio (Cbus, Cleveland, Toledo, Cincy) you will find a casino. Is this the answer to a struggling economy? Not exactly, but it can't hurt that's for sure. Many Ohioans travel to other states to gamble and spend their money, so why not keep that money in state? Our state needs the tax dollars and jobs, so hopefully the commercials stay true to their word and employ as many Ohioans as possible. Dan Gilbert (Owner of the Cavs) stated, "We are going to deliver something really special, and we are goin to work really hard with a lot of people." He also says, "this is not a savoir by any means, but it is another brick in the wall." Casino's in these 4 cities will start construction in 2010 and be ready for opening by 2012.

As a Poker Professional, what does this mean for you?

"Options", I say..."Options". Right now in Ohio as a Poker Pro you have 3 options for work.

1. The Internet: My obvious main source of income. Easily accessible, can still spend time with my wife and daughter, and is surprisingly still very profitable. The downfalls of the internet are the "up in the air issues", meaning that we really have no idea if it is legal or illegal. Maybe our government and law system will eventually catch up, don't hold your breath.

2. Ohio Card Clubs (The Gemini Players Club): I have only heard of these in Columbus and Grove City. Basically these clubs hold poker tournaments and cash games almost 24 hours a day. They only make a buck on door charges and make no profit on the game itself. Which is why they are not shut down by the government. Loop holes in the law FTW...see the last sentence of #1.

--Positives-- Gives another "option", No rake on the cash games, Very Very soft competition (Bingo Players), social aspect is nice, within 10 miles from my house.

--Negatives-- Sketchy neighborhood, safety and security (even though they have great security in the room and in the parking lot), 20 dollar door charge (not really a negative because they don't rake the cash games), Dealers are mehh. ---Bad photo of inside the card club. About 15 tables and 10 flat screens around the room.
3. Casino's in 2012: Again, I consider it an "option". It will be a good one to. Casino's open and everyone get's to try and imitate the poker players they just watched on TV!! It'll be a goldmine on the weekends and a bunch of reg's on the weekdays. I can't see this option as non-profitable.
--Positives-- Safe, Secure, no taxes on cash games, options for employment as a dealer (lol), close in proximity, soft players.
--Negatives--Crime (Hookers and blow could be a huge problem), the fish could dry up faster than expected, rake, rake, rake, rake, rake, rake, rake, and finally rake. Depending on their %, some casino's rake are unreasonable to the point where you shouldn't play.
After all that ranting and jiberish, as a Poker Professional, the passing of the casino's will obviously be another great option as a work place. Am I excited? Ehh, I suppose I will be towards the end of 2011.
Peace and Hair grease,


In Honor of my legendary 33rd Birthday, I present you the real legend.....Larry!Not much planned for today. Time to renew the ole' drivers license. That's always a fun time at the DMV. Going out to dinner with some friends tonight, followed by a shopping run with Leandra tomorrow afternoon. Ending with a weekend in Youngstown with friends and family. Always good times.


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