Last Weekend at the Zoo with the Philly's

Shina and Zoc.
Man, she makes Ryan look good. Rylee's first "Go around". So beautiful. The Girls....minus Ryan.
32 years old goin on 16. No clue, mountain goat maybe? Gorillas in the mist.


This Photo Deserved It's Own Post....

Surf and Turf in Vegas.....I did this 2 times this trip and probably 6 times in the past 2 years.

Good Times in Vegas

So it was a quick and short trip to Vegas. I played a total of 2 Venetian Deep Stack Tournaments and just 1 WSOP. I had planned on playing 2 WSOP's, however I made a deep run in the one Venetian tournament which was 2 days long and ran into the start of one of my scheduled WSOP's. I ended up taking 11th in the $560 Venetian, which had 700 entrants. I was pretty happy with the way I played with the exception of 3 hands (none which would have altered the outcome). 11th place pretty much sucked in several different ways, but at least it made the trip profitable.
The trip was entertaining as always. It was a great mixture of my longtime friends and my poker playing friends. We ate good, entertained ourselves to the max, and (they) over did it with the drinking (standard). Last night, Chine and I saw Eddie Griffin (comedian/actor) sitting a few seats down from us at the Palazzo bar. Pretty cool I geuss. I will be looking to go back out for a few more events later this month. I'll keep ya posted. Here are some pics from the recent adventure..
Does this cab driver look like someone who listens to David Banner and LiL Flip? I mean straight gangsta rap.
Venetian Tournament.Chine being Chine.My chipstack deep in the $560 Venetian. Poker is fun when you have a lot of chips.Stink getting ready to do damage to this breakfast.