I laugh everytime for some reason



Man, really a month since I wrote? Since its a holiday and all (~~inhaling~~, just kidding Mom), I decided to blog it up. I must admit that I been in some sort of life slump for the past month. Downswing in poker, shitty weather, Yankees getting a shed job, and no exercising are probably the reason for my self depression. Like most slumps, they will all end I'm sure (Unless you root for Cleveland sports teams...doh).

Sports: The new Yankee stadium opened up. Seems like HR's are flying out everywhere. I heard a stat from a friend that there were somewhere around 170ish HR's hit at the old Yankee stadium last year and that they are on pace to double that this year! Wow, curious to know if the engineers f'd up or if it is just coincidental or maybe even purposely built like that. Who knows. The good thing is that the Yankees haven't played very well this season and still stand at 7-6 on the year.

Poker: Enormous downswing. Definitely the largest I have ever encountered, however there are a few changes that have developed which play a part. My volume has decreased dramatically. I use to play approximately 50-70 tournaments a week, now with the princess it has been cut to around 20-40. I also at times just feel exhausted with the game and it may been tilting me a bit. It will all come back, it always does. I am set for Vegas in June for the series and maybe a taste of some "live" poker will also help.

Rylee: Still gorgeous. Today I googled, "Teaching your baby how to crawl". Most links all gave a 5 step process in helping your baby learn to crawl. Day 1 for us on this so called "easy" 5 step process didn't exactly go great, but there was a little light. It'll happen soon enough.
Random thoughts: Two things I definitely been thinking hard about. One is serious, the other is more for just self enjoyment. I really want to start my own business and open up a franchise. The other....haha...I think I'm about to write my own rap song (100% serious). I have a longggg flight to see Chine in Seattle this week and thoughts fly when you are in the air. Don't be surprised if a master piece is complete by the beginning of next week. I mean, I'm not trying to go platinum, but I definitely think I am talented enough to be a 1 hit wonder. If Milli Vanilli, Sinead O'connor, Biz Markie, Candyman ("Knockin Boots" LOL), Vanilla Ice, or Right Said Fred could do it SO CAN BOKE!