Some fun with Philly

Meet Ryan Philibin:

-Been a good friend of mine since prepuberty days.

-I made him look good on 80% of his career assists in basketball.

-Only Ryan and I can say we worked a few years in each others personal space. (Lottery Booth fit for 2).

-I can't beat him in 2 particular games...golf and popashot.

-He has been bald, even before he went bald.

-Spanking new father of a little girl.

***I caught him sleeping and snapped a shot when I was in town.



...the blackness of the night alone and in the middle of the sea. Left helpless and clinging to any hope there is, while waves crash into you as you wonder if something may take a bite out of you from beneath. Just waiting while the sea water slowly eats your life away. Knowing your chances of survival are sinking away as time slowly goes by.

This is what those football players had to go through before they lost their lives. This is something I never want to face and is also one of my biggest fears...drowning. I understand we all have to go, but the way these young guys had to go makes me cringe. They are now gone to a better place and I pray for them and their families for what they had to go through.
-R.I.P and God Bless.


Stink and Chine at the Bar

Wow, if you run around with or know these two, you will die laughing. Enjoy :)

Hard to keep up...plus "The Mind of Maurice Clarett"

Time is going so fast that I feel like I'm gonna be turning 40 soon. I can't even keep up with this damn blog. It's been 2 weeks + since I have written anything productive. The sad thing is, I have so many thoughts every day about life in general that I could easily write multiple posts per day. Ahh well, I have more important things to do these days, like changing diapers, turning basement into a home gym, getting ready for March Madness (huge priority), and of course poker.

I recently been visiting the blog of Maurice Clarett. Yea yea, I know. He says he is writing from prison and that all his posts are strictly Maurice Claretts. I have been extremely impressed by his writings and I also feel that everyone deserves a second chance in life. He made some enormous mistakes in his life and it took prison to help him figure things out. He will always be remembered as a "waste of life" as far as football fans see it. However, he is still young enough to turn his life around and make good. You almost have to give praise to an individual who can learn from their previous mistakes in life and try to encourage others to not make the same mistakes. I hope he can come out rehabilitated and not return to his criminal ways that he practiced in the past. I definitely think he deserves another shot at society. I never thought I would say this, but I wish him well. I think he is a very bright and intelligent man who made some critical mistakes and is now paying for it.
Here is the link to his blog: http://mauriceclarett.wordpress.com/