Farewell George and Oh yea **edit**

I just wanted to give thanks to George W. Bush for the following:
1. Dividing our country after being as United as possible after 9/11.
2. Single handedly ruined the economy.
3. Beginning an endless war.
4. Getting the UIGEA approved before your exit. (Cause legalizing and regulating online poker would only bring in 40 billion in tax dollars in a 10 year span. Well played you monkey).
5. Making me question what exactly is a Democracy?

For all you Bush eaters, I understand he was not exactly given a good situation, but wtf, he choked under pressure when dealing with the problems. I don't think anyone can argue that. With all that being said, I have faith that Obama won't crack when faced with difficult decisions and that he will not make a tee time with the very same people that want to kill us. I also hope that Obama will not use his religious background to sway in his decision making on topics that involve all of the American people. Finally, Please Mr. Obama take a good look at the Poker situation and that it is a game of skill and what it could do to help bring the economy back. Yeah I am selfish in that manner.
I had to edit the DIAGF comment in the title cause some people take everything in life too serious.


It has been 1 month since...

....the last time I wrote. Yeesh time flies. I'm gonna write something meaningful in the next few days. Here is some pics of Rylee and the Holidays...
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Ehh those are only photos uploaded so far.