F@CK I'm now 32 years young today

32 is a good number......

The only famous person I could find born on the same day as myself (Katherine Heigl-Grey's Anatomy)
Famous people born in 1976...

Reese Witherspoon

Fitty in da Club

RIP...A true American hero Pat Tillman
Hi Rachel Mcadams
Ahhhh.....The Wonder Years


The Biggest Loser - Boke's House

Week 3 of our (Myself, Leandra, Samantha) diet is starting today. So far I have went from 178lbs to 171.5. I think the challenge at this point is gonna be getting under 170 for me. I have tried my hardest to cut out snacks, but some nights its impossible. Basically the diet is composed of:
1. Cut back on Fast Food. We allow ourselves Friday night and Saturday to eat a few meals that are not the best for you. Some times fast food, sometimes pasta, etc etc.

2. Hit the gym or workout 4-7 times a week. This has been the easiest part of the diet. Working out before I play poker seems to help mentally. Plus I get a lot of self confidence when I work out and I feel great about myself. (Catch the gut before u get dickydo!)

3. Portion control. This is also pretty easy when you eat healthy, because healthy foods just are not satisfying for me.

4. Less Pop and snacking. Man I miss drinking 3 cans of pop (soda) a day.

Thats it. Boke and Leandra's diet. We should write a book. Oh yeah and Leandra is like 5 lbs away from where she was before pregnancy. She looks good. I think she hits a wall at this point, because there just isnt much baby fat of any left.

Enough of the boring diet. Michigan rolls in this week to get their annual spanking. Can't wait obv! T'Tech also plays Oklahoma, and we need Mich State to beat Penn State for obv reasons.

Apparently Mark Cuban took advice from Martha....oopsy. Like 750k to him is like .60 cents to the avg American. Why cheat Mark?



How About this News....

Michigan football practice was delayed nearly two hours this morning after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. Head coach Rich Rodriguez immediately suspended practice while police and federal agents were called to investigate. After a complete analysis, FBI forensic experts determined that the white substance, unknown to the players, was the goal line. Practice was resumed this afternoon after special agents decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance again.

Supposedly this is an "Oldie", definitely a "goodie".


Halloween /Rylee / Election Day etc etc etc etc

I can't express how fast time goes after you have a baby. It has been nearly 3 weeks since I blogged and it seems like 3 days. Anyhow, Rylee is getting big, real big. She is almost 3 months young and is nearly rolling over. She dressed as a pumpkin for Halloween, Ziggy was a bat and Junior was a chicken. Quite entertaining at the time. Our neighborhood is the one that if you are a young kid you definitely want to live in. They have hay rides goin for 3 hours, hotdogs and hamburgers grilling for everyone, and also a projector showing a movie on the side of a house with seating for the kids. It's pretty cool if you like Halloween.

Election Day:
Less than 12 hours away and in some ways I am totally unsure about the way I feel. I am without a doubt voting Obama, but thats simply voting using the process of elimination. With that being said, the 2 hour wait to vote in this election is hilarious being that neither candidate brings me much confidence in running our country for the next 4. Ahh well, gotta vote or you can't argue.

Sigh.....We still can't win a big game, but Im hoping we play in one more this year after Michigan. Buckeyes get Northwestern this week after having a bye last week. I feel good about a roll job, but playing Tressel ball always leaves a question mark. Tressel is the man, don't take that comment the wrong way. By the way....I live with the 2 biggest Bucks fans in Columbus...
Poker: I been playing much much less since Rylee was born. Standard. Im also in the process of remodeling my office/loft area which is also having a small effect on my poker time. So basically I am making excuses why I have not had a big score lately :) The past 2 Sundays I lost key races with 4-5 tables left in 2 different Sunday Major tournaments that were very costly. I like to think if I had won those 2 races I could be about 100k richer. Thats poker and thats how it be.