The Godfather

Mike came into town last Wednsday night for Rylee's Baptism on Sunday in Youngstown. We hung out in Columbus till Firday and than made the weekend trip to Youngstown. It was fun to see the family and friends for a few days. Met some friends at BW3's for the Buckeyes game on Saturday, had some drinks etc. Bucks beat Purdue.
Rylee's baptism went great. She was a perfect baby throughout the ceremony and I couldn't ask for a better day. We met the family at my parents house after for some cake and drinks on Sunday afternoon before we came back to Columbus.
It has been somewhat of a circus at our house lately. We just got a invisible fence put in for the dogs, so training is a must 2 times a day :( and a trainer comes 2 times a week for more training. EHhhh it'll be well worth it in the end!
Fun Saturday:
Buckeyes vs Michigan State
Pavlik vs Hopkins .....I predict a 9th round KO by Kelly.

Here are some pics of the Godfather himself....


Team 47

I started my own small Poker league, which I call Team 47. I basically am giving some friends an opportunity to play some bigger online tourneys and win some money on my dime. Unfortunately for them in week 1 nobody could beat the great one. I will be posting our standings every Thursday night / Friday morning on here to keep my guys updated.

After week 1:
ziggy47 (Boke) = 10pts
Cat22cat (johnny) = 7pts
bigstakn08 (Miller) = 5pts
kingohammer (Hanysh) = 3pts
Mr.Kane22 (Josh) = 1pt
mjmc377 (stink) = 0pts DNP